SOF Olympiad exams

How to Prepare for the Olympiad Exams | 10 Tips to Crack Olympiad Exams

Olympiad exam are school level exams that aims to grow the problem solving skills of the students.

The objective of these exams is to develop the student for preparation of future competitions.

Who Conduct Olympiad Exams?

There are many Olympiad Foundations that conducts Olympiad Exams.

Every year Millions of students participated for the Olympiad exams to test their knowledge in the comparative level.

SOF (Science Olympiad Foundation) - Olympiad Exam is Firstly Conducted in 1996 by SOF (Science Olympiad Foundation) With the purpose of finding geniuses and providing them with a unique competitive platform where they can prove themselves.

SOF is organizing 6 Olympiad Exams Each Year. Students from class 1 to class 12 can participate in these exams to test their knowledge.
Olympiad Exam 2020-21
NSO (National Science Olympiad)
NCO (National Cyber Olympiad)
IEO (International English Olympiad)
IMO (International Mathematics Olympiad)
ICO (International Commerce Olympiad)
IGKO (International General Knowledge Olympiad)

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Silver Zone Olympiad - Silver Zone Foundation is an International Olympiad With more then a decade of experience.

Unified Council - Unified Council is a professionally managed organization in the field of Olympiad Education.

How to Prepare For the Olympiad Exams?

1. Make Time Table for Olympiad Preparation – 

To Achieve Success in Olympiad Exams a dedicated time table is very important, Divide the subjects and topics in hours to study them each day.

2. Understand the Olympiad Syllabus – 

Olympiad Syllabus is completely based on your regular school syllabus, you have to be very deep learning in your subjects.

3. Prepare from Books – 

Olympiad books as well as your regular subject books can helps you to crack the Olympiad Exams.

4. Topic Revision – 

Revision is very important for the topics that you have completed before, because it will clear your concepts.

5. Solve Sample paper – 

Daily solve sample paper it will helps you to prepare for the final exam, sample paper is very important part of the Preparation.

6. Attempt Mock Test – 

Attempt Mock Test, because in the mock test the questions are high level questions and these questions can be related to the previous Olympiad question.

7. Prepare your Mind for Olympiad – 

Objective based question can be very easy to sole you if your mind is regularly practicing these types of questions.

8. Keep your Mind Fresh –

If you really want to achieve success in Olympiads Exams then you have to be best state of your mind, don’t take stress about exams, just focus on your preparation rather than the result.

9. Mechanical Thinking – 

Every Olympiad Questions are the objective based, means that every question having answer you just have to choose right answer from that options, answer every question logically and weather you study about that or not, just try to answer it.

10. Olympiad Preparation Online – 

Today you have there are lots of option to Prepare Olympiad exams Online and it can help you a lot, there are to many Olympiads Related Website is Available That can help you to Prepare Olympiad Exams.

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