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Do you have questions or double about Olympiad Exams in India or Olympiad Guide? In this page we are trying to answer Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) about Olympiad Exams and Olympiad Guide.

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Olympiad Exams

Olympiad examinations at school level are competitive examination, based on the school syllabus, which are conducted through various independent organizations. These exams give exposure to students about competition and make them ready to face any competitive challenge that would be thrown open to them in the future.

Olympiad Examinations help to identify a child’s capability and assessment of his/her real potential in competing in today’s world. They also bring out the areas needing attention so that proper orientation can be given in areas lacking prof iciency. In a nutshell, they are a platform for realistic assessment to prepare a child to face the modern competitive world.

There are many Olympiad Examinations are happening all across the year. These exams are conducted through various organizations. Below are the list of some of the famous organizations who conduct school level olympiad/diagnostic exams in India is the most trusted and comprehensive Olympiad exam diagnostic and preparation tool. It provides an objective, in-depth practice platform to the students preparing for various Olympiad examinations. has emerged as a one-stop solution provider in the field of Olympiad Exams preparation. It has set a benchmark of its reliability for quality tool & guidance to such a degree that parents, as well as students, trust on its genuineness.

Subscription Olympiad Exams

No. subscription is for Online Test Series. It does NOT include books or printed/downloadable material.

Neither, we will be sending you the hard copy of the questions nor you will be able to take the printout of the questions.

All sample and Online Mock Tests will be available online only and student have to use computer with live internet connection to access tests.

No. Whenever you want to access the question papers, you will need a computer / tablet with live internet connection.

Chapterwise Test: In a chapter-wise test, questions will be asked only from the chapter(s) you have selected while creating the chpater-wise test. You will be allowed to select minimum ine and maximum five chapters of one subject for creating a chapterwise test. You can repeat a generated chapterwise test maximum of three times.

Sample Test: In a sample test, questions will be asked from the entire syllabus based on your selected exam pattern. You can appear in the sample test multiple times (with 1 week gap between two attempts)

Mock Test: In a mock test, questions will be asked from the entire syllabus based on your selected exam pattern. At the end of each mock test, you will be able to see your score with your percentile across all the students appearing in the same exam. You can NOT reappear in Mock test.

When Kid is attempting various question sets, it is evident that he/she will make mistakes and mark certain questions with wrong answer. Our revolutionary new feature “Generate Custom Test” allows Kid to create a custom test containing all the questions he/she have marked wrong for the subject. When exams are nearby, this feature becomes very useful while revising the subject.

No. You can logout/leave the question set in between. Let's say there are 50 questions in the question set and you have completed only 5 questions. If you do not wish to continue answering at this point of time, you can logout from the application. Next time when you start the test, it will resume from the next question.