Olympiad Guide Analytics

Reports that keep tracks and guide to your progress

Immediate insights into children's performance

Discover children's strengths and weaknesses in a whole new way! Every time children practise, Olympiad Guide Analytics keeps you in the loop about their progress. Real-time, relevant data solves the mystery of how children are doing and empowers you to take action to help them.

Valuable information at your fingertips

Olympiad Guide transforms your children's practice data into straightforward insights that help you focus on what's important. Just a few clicks will reveal your children's growth, trouble spots and even their readiness for standardised testing.

Data for more efficient teaching

We know you're short on time—that's why Olympiad Guide's reports give you the practical details that enable you to choose the best teaching strategies. With Olympiad Guide Analytics, you can discover exactly what your children need and address their problems more effectively.