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Chapter wise Test

Chapter wise test by OlympiadGuide.com. After learning a particular topic and if the student wants to check whether he or she has understood the topic well or not. For that OlympiadGuide.com has created chapter wise test. Each test is based on CBSE curriculum and CBSE pattern.

Sample Tests

Once you are done with your eLearning course and chapter-wise tests, we can consider that you have completed your syllabus. This is the time when you evaluate your preparation by using Sample Test papers.

Mock Test

Mock test is a test which is exactly similar to the main exam. Questions are in the same format and you need to solve in same time limit. Solving mock test gives you a perfect idea about the final exam. It helps you to analyse yourself and see where you stand, how much you can score.

Percentile Performance

At the end of each mock test, Kid is presented with the percentile score. If the percentile score is 86, this means 86% of all the Kid s who appeared on the same exam have scored either less than or equals to your marks. However, it also means that 14% of the Kids have scored more than your marks. This feature helps the Kids to evaluate their preparation.

Detailed Diagnostic Report

After each test, the student will get a detailed strength and weakness report that contains students performance break-up at the chapter level.

Review Test

Past paper is an examination paper from a previous year or previous years, usually used either for exam practice or for tests such as SOF, SilverZone, Unified Council. ... Previous year question papers are to assess student's brilliancy and capabilities.